Board & Train Programs

Board & Train, also known as Immersion Training, is the most efficient training program. It immerses your pet into a loving environment with proper rules, boundaries, and expectations. Here are several options to choose from. 

Basic Obedience commands include:

Sit, Down, Come (recall), Climb (Place) 


Also Available: 

Avoidance corrections

Out/Drop it

Loose Leash walking

Basic manners

...and more depending on the needs of you and your dog.

Custom programs are available, and can be tailored to fit you and your dog's specific needs. Contact us to schedule a FREE evaluation!  

*To book a board & train program, you must contact us so we may discuss your needs and goals to make sure our programs are right for you and your dog; for us to make sure you are placed in the right program; to discuss scheduling

Jump Start Program


16wks and Up

This is a 10 day program is meant to help owners jump start their dog's training and continue finishing their dog's training at home themselves. This is ideal for people who want to train their own dog, but don't really know how to get it started.

They learn leash pressure (the beginning of loose leash walking), Sit, Down, Climb, and Come (recall), as well as, begin to learn to maintain the command for a short duration of time.

Once they go home, you continue training them to maintain the commands for longer periods of time and being able to hold the commands through distractions.

Additional Private lesson packages can be purchased to help you continue training at home.

Your dog will be sent home with a 

  • Slip lead, Prong, or Martingale collar (which collar depends on the individual dog's needs), and a

  • Dog Cot for training.

  • 2 Private lessons (to be used within 1 month of your dog coming home)


On Leash Obedience


16wks and Up

This 3 wk program has a goal of your dog to follow commands and hold them for an extended amount of time, even with distractions present while on leash. *Your commands of Sit, Down, Come (recall), and Climb will be solidified in real life situations. 

Part of this training will take place in various public settings such as outdoor dining, feed stores, hiking trails, downtown areas, etc.

They will be taught loose leash walking, Out/Drop it, and basic manners. Avoidance corrections can be added to the program upon request.

  • Owners are given 3 in person private lessons to help them learn what to do once their dog comes home.

  • Slip lead, Prong or Martingale collar (depending on what the individual dog needs)

  • Dog Cot for training

  • Free access to continued group lessons whenever lessons are offered

  • Free continued phone & text support for the life of your dog

  • Access to continued discounted virtual private lessons

Off Leash Program


16wk and Up

This is our top of the line training program.

*This is a 4 wk program has a goal to give you everything the On Leash Program gives you, as well as the added benefit of all Basic Obedience commands being Off Leash.

  • The owner is given 4 in person private lessons to learn how to work with their dog once they come home

  • All tools your dog used in training, and will continue to use to maintain training once home (i.e. Dogtra E-Collar: consistent, reliable, waterproof; Slip lead;  Prong or Martingale collar) 

  • Dog Cot

  • Free access to continued group training when offered.

  • Free continued phone & text support for the life of your dog

  • Access to discounted virtual private lessons

You get everything you need to be successful at home!

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*Every dog is different, and the ability of each dog to reach the goal in each program is different. We will train them to get as close as each dog can get to the goals set forth in the chosen program. 

Custom Programs 

Programs can be personalized for each family to focus on specific behaviors and needs such as:

  • Walking on a leash

  • Counter surfing

  • Jumping at the door

  • Behavior Modification

  • Etc.


All customized programs are tailored to each dog depending on their issues. Please contact              to schedule a free evaluation for us to discuss the scope of the needs for your family, time needed, and price.

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