Pet Training DVD

Pet Training DVD

You will spend an average of $12,000 for veterinarian care and dog food over the life of your K9 companion. For just a few dollars more you can use this DVD to train your dog and greatly improve the quality of the life of your dog, yourself, and your family. Kari Koch, Nathan Schoemer, and Jeff Minder have put together this DVD to assist you in training your dog and giving him the opportunity to be a valuable asset to you household. This DVD is intended only for those who love their pets, and for the people who believe we owe it to our dogs, to learn how to communicate clearly and effectively with them.


Videos Included in this DVD:


1. Introduction to dog training

2. Equipment

3. Leash pops

4. Directional Leash Pops

5. Rewards

6. Markers

7. Luring with food

8. Socialization

9. Avoidance Corrections

10. Attention Getters/Heel Command

11. Lure in to the Sit, Down, and Stand

12. Sit, Down, and Stand with corrections

13. Climb Command

14. Potty Training/Crate Training

15. Come when called (Recall Command)

16. Drop it, Out it, Leave it command

17. Stay

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