About Me

Brooke Trometer

I grew up in North Fort Myers, Florida, during a time when hunting and being in the woods was common place around here. We raised American Bulldogs, as well as, some Heinz 57’s, for working in the woods. I don’t think I ever had a time when we didn’t have dogs around our house. I’ve always been good at handling dogs and teaching them to listen to me, but I had never had to teach other people to do what I did. My parents raise show and working American Bulldogs. For years, I had people ask me how to get their dogs to act like my dogs. I really didn’t have an answer for them, because it was just something I did. I didn’t know how to tell other people to do it. I could’ve taken their dogs and trained them to do what I wanted, but truly, dog training is 40% dog and 60% owner. Without knowing how to teach the owners, training the dogs would’ve been futile. Finally, I decided to go to a dog training school. I chose to attend Top Tier K9. This school focused not only on how to train dogs through a balanced method of training, but had a large focus on how to train the owners. As a trainer, I want to the training to be successful and last. The only way that can occur is if the owners know how to maintain the training once the dog’s training with me is over. I hope to continue training for many years to come!