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Cypress K9
Professional Dog Training of Florida

* Clearing up confusion:

I have received a calls, messages, comments, emails, etc. from a fierce defenders of dogs, who have questioned me about a video circulating fb of a female “trainer” pushing a dog down over and over while she and others are laughing. There is an even worse video of a dog being restrained and beaten with a horse crop. I have been accused by many as being one of those trainers. There is a confusion of who they are vs who I am. Their business name is very similar to mine. I want to reassure everyone this is NOT me! Their name is Cypress Arrow K-9. They are out of Louisiana and are named Tina Frey and Victoria Brimer. I am from Florida, and am in no way associated with them. I am a balanced trainer who believes in heavy reward for behaviors we want to continue and as mild of correction as possible to get the job done for behaviors we don’t want to see again. Please feel free to watch my Facebook, instagram, or TikTok to see me working with dogs. I’m not great at posting all the time, but they are there. You can also go to my website. I DO NOT condone the actions of this so called trainer. This is inappropriate and personally I would consider that abuse. I hope that these videos end up in the right hands and they are dealt with accordingly by law enforcement.


Anthony Zimbicki & Dog Trucker

It's been 4 weeks since we sent Truck & Reilly to Brooke. My wife Danielle and I are thrilled with the results. They went from very spoiled, and occasionally misbehaved 😉 dogs to well mannered spoiled dogs. Walking a leash is a breeze, the commands are down pat and we can finally enjoy them out an about and travel effortlessly. Thanks you Brooke, your skills are unmatched.

October, 17, 2019


Jonathon Henderson & Dog Jack

Brooke is the dog whisperer! My dog Jack was jumping my fence and causing havoc. He is two years old and I was worried that I wouldn't be able to train him. I was at a loss, and almost had to get rid of him when he jumped my fence and killed my neighbors chicken. All of this was my fault for not training him sooner. Jack was just following his natural instinct. I reached out to friends on Facebook and one of them recommended Cypress K9. I called Brooke and spoke to her for an hour about Jack and his behaviors. She gave me recommendations for around the house and some tips before I paid a dime. She recommended board and train, and a couple of weeks later he was there. She kept in close contact the entire time, sending me updates and pictures. I was able to go to her ranch and train with Jack, so I could be trained too! After four long weeks he returned. I couldn't be happier with the results. He is a changed dog and I'm a changed owner. We both understand positive attention and I know how to correct properly. We went camping with Jack for 3 days, and he got so many compliments about his behavior and walking. I even taught him a new command! Jack now enjoys being a part of the family. He happily stays in his climb command during dinner, and even just lays next to us. Brooke saved my dog and me! This was the best thing I've ever done.

May 17, 2020


The Hard Family

& Dog Lucy

Thank you so much without you we could not have done this, and Lucy is so much a better and a happier dog now. OMG, I don't have words to tell you the change you did with my family and how easy everything is now with Lucy.

August 28, 2020